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Solar Lodge supply Ol pejeta conservancy

The bush camp in the ol pejeta conservancy is running on 100% solar power since may 2016.
With app 25 KWp solar power and 1800Ah/48V the compleate camp got a 230V solar system with a constant power output of 8 kW in the night time and 17 kWp in the daytime.
Furthermore a 1800Ah/12V system with 10 kWp of solarpower including a 500W Windgenerator was installed, to supply the kitchen and existing cooling facilities on the lodge.
We also installed solar hot water systems with a total capacity of 1250 lieters with 9 collectors and an special "coony booster" in case of bad weather conditions, so that the lodge has hot water all year round.
The Bush camp took the step to invest in a total green lodge contributing to a healthy enviroment, beeing the first professional 100% solar lodge with a long term vision.

Exhibitor: Sunset Energietechnik GmbH

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